Deborah provides highly specialized legal advice with respect to all aspects of the employment relationship. She has significant experience advising both employer and employee clients. She is also experienced in conducting workplace investigations.  

Deborah regularly advises employees in relation to matters arising at all stages of the employment relationship.  Her services to employee clients include:

  • reviewing employment contracts and providing strategic advice on negotiations
  • advising on all matters in relation to human rights in the workplace
  • providing advice in relation to accommodation issues (i.e. disability related requests, maternity leaves, etc.)
  • providing strategic advice in relation to workplace investigations
  • reviewing termination packages
  • providing advice in relation to constructive dismissal
  • negotiating and/or litigating in relation to wrongful dismissal and human rights matters

Deborah values the importance of practical legal advice and early resolution. However, when early resolution cannot be achieved, Deborah advocates for her clients to rigorously pursue their legal entitlements through the litigation process.   

Deborah advises small and large organizations in relation to all workplace legal matters.  She provides practical, efficient and affordable legal advice for small businesses, while she also has significant experience providing strategic and proactive advice to larger organizations (both public and private sectors).  Her services to employer clients include:

  • drafting employment contracts
  • drafting and advising on employment related policies and procedures
  • advising on medical accommodation matters
  • providing advice in relation to workplace investigations and human rights matters
  • assisting in all levels of progressive discipline
  • providing workplace training
  • drafting and advising on termination packages
  • advocating for employers in all aspects of litigation
  • advising and representing unionized employers 

Deborah values the importance of productive and early resolution when appropriate. However, in circumstances where resolution is not achievable or advantageous, she advocates on behalf of her clients in all legal forums.  

Deborah regularly conducts workplace investigations as an external independent investigator for a variety of organizations, involving various workplace circumstances and allegations including: workplace harassment, bullying, privacy issues, disciplinary matters and other workplace issues.